When I Decided to Choose Me.

For much of my life, my identity was tied to how well I performed at work. I spent the last five years of a 15-year career working as a Director of Sales for a major telecommunications company. I was often the recipient of coaching awards, top sales team awards, and moved up through the hierarchy of leadership rather quickly. The money was good, my “golden handcuffs” were tightly fastened, and I was winning. I successfully built teams that not only executed, but surpassed sales targets. I established teams that thrived on relationships, structure, achieving results, and being recognized for performing.

For a while, I knew I wasn’t fulfilled in my work, but I was distracted with the accolades. I loved being told “good job”, and seeing my team rank number 1 on as many sales reports as possible. It was seductive, and the recognition was addictive. But guess what? I became more addicted to praise than actually loving what I was doing. I never felt good enough.

Living a life never feeling satisfied no matter how much you produce or work in order to please your boss, spouse, parents, colleagues, and/or friends can often leave you zapped and wondering, “will I/it ever be enough?” Many of us walk around with this feeling all day long. Concerned about what others will think if you don’t do things a certain way. Denying yourself the opportunity to further explore your passions because they are always silenced by someone that you esteem above and beyond your own intuition and voice. There was no mistake made with all the interests and passions that exist inside you, but it’s your responsibility to give the world yourself- pure and true. Live a life without being affected by projections, limiting beliefs, judgmental interpretations of your life, and negative self-talk because you are unsure of yourself and who you were meant to be.

I had my final moment when I was awarded my third, consecutive top sales performer award. I wasn’t happy anymore with why I was doing my job. I no longer wanted to waste time not living a purpose-driven lifestyle within the hours of 8-5pm or often much longer at times. The call for me to step out of corporate America became so intense that I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I was ready to take a risk, trust myself and take my life in the direction I wanted. Even as a husband, and father of three, I left my six-figure, stock options, and bonuses-galore job. While this move was fearful, unnerving and anxiety-ridden, I took a risk because who I believe I am could no longer be dormant in order to stay in my job.

Quitting a job isn’t what my focus will be for any of my clients. My focus, is your focus. Together, we will identify and unpack what your intuition has been telling you in order to be true to yourself and live a purpose-driven life. I will provide you a safe space to listen without judgement, and help you make empowering decisions in order to live the life YOU want.

I am ready and excited to relate, empathize, understand, and connect with you. I look forward and would be honored to be a thought partner with you, as you discover the parts of you that need to be unleashed.

Headshot of Joshua wearing a black tee shirt with his company's logo

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